Once you log in, you get a neat and organized overiew of your clients and client files (EPDs).

Our Story

QIT stands for Quality in Treatment and is the result of an initiative that started in 2007  as an inspiring collaboration between clinicians, clients,  researchers and IT-developers. We dreamed about improving the quality of psychological care: a better attunement, more custimization, more transparency, shared ownership. 

We were looking for a workable balance between usability,  scientific foundation and clinical relevance.

This was and remains our compass: innovation as a facilitator of the therapeutic relation, not as a replacement of it.

Our Mission & Vision

For many years our mission is to connect the strength of the craft of psychological care with innovative technology. We aim to achieve  a synergy that strengthens the power of the craft by integrating digital solutions.

 Online feedback gives the client an explicit voice and increases the therapeutic potential.

Self-help tools empower the client: in combination with the regular care they intensify growth and consolidate change.

An Electronic Patient File system facilitates the continuity and transparency in the care process. Reducing the necessary administration by digitizing: this ensures quality care as well.

The therapist of the future has the hands, the head and the heart free for what really matters.


QIT online is an all-in-one platform that meets the needs the caretaker has in everyday practice. It can be easily customized and adjusted to any particular clinical setting. Therapy is taylormade after all. The starting point is the unique care process, that takes  shape in and by the therapeutic relation between client and therapist. The process can be accurately monitored and adjusted if necessary. Clients are not only asked if therapy works but also what makes it work (or not)  and how it's working for them. The trajectory can be supplemented with self-help tools that clients use on their own. Client and caretaker seek together for the ideal mix of face-face meetings and digital care. 


How it works

1. Create Electronic Patient File

QIT online offers a complete Electronic Patient File System that contains all important contact and care information about your client. Certificates, documents and reports can easily be added to the file as well. Incoming and outgoing communication with the client and other caregivers takes place in a secure way on the same digital platform.

2. Create a trajectory

A trajectory shows the progress of the sequential sessions. The client becomes an active participant is this trajectory by giving feedback on important aspects of the therapy process (e.g. helping and hindering aspects concerning the quality of the working alliance). This feedback is immediately linked back in the form of a well-organized and personalized feedback report.

As a caregiver you can add notes, alerts and process commentaries for each session.

3. Open your digital filing cabinet

Your filing cabinet gives you a clear overview of all active trajectories. For every traject the most important client data are available. Searching in your cabinet and keeping things in order: leave that to the technology.

QIT online is a web based application, so you can access your files with all devices that connect with the internet.

Consulting your filing cabinet is secured thanks to an encrypted connection and personalized login details.



"QIT online helps me to keep my finger on the pulse with regard to the symptoms of the client. Added value for the therapy!"


Meet the team

Claude Missiaen

Training and development

Master clinical psychology 

Client-centered, existential and focusing oriented psychotherapist

Dr. Nele Stinckens

Founder and daily management

Doctor in Psychology (PhD)

Client-centered and Emotion

Focused psychotherapist

Egwin Avau

Technical lead

Master in Business Information Systems engineering, focused on web development

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