Connecting the craft of psychological care with innovative technology

Once you log in, you get a neat and organized overiew of your clients and client files (EHRs).

For many years our mission has been to connect the strength of the craft of psychological care with innovative technology.

We aim to achieve  a synergy that strengthens the power of the craft by integrating digital solutions.

The Electronic Health Record system is the digital version of your filing cabinet, with all modern functionalities. It facilitates the necessary administration and contributes to the continuity and transparency of the care process. 

Trajectories make the complex psychotherapy process transparent and manageable. The treatment trajectories present all relevant therapeutic activities in a clear and chronological order, offering you and your patients a  a holistic view on the treatment process.

Online feedback gives the client an explicit voice and increases the therapeutic potential.

Self-help tools empower the client: in combination with the regular care they intensify growth and consolidate change.


The therapist of the future has the hands, the head and the heart free for what really matters.


Electronic records

Go digital and paperless with all your patient documents and files in a comprehensive Electronic Health Record system - clearly arranged, easily searchable, elegantly laid out, broadly accessible and 100% secure. All information is treated fully confidentially, based on the principles of the primary relationship between the client and the therapist.


Give your clients an explicit voice throughout their therapy trajectory. By systematically collecting feedback in the course of the care process, the quality of therapy is optimised. Research and clinical experience have shown that monitoring improves therapeutic contact: by allowing clients to fully participate, better coordination is achieved, which contributes to the effectiveness and targeting of therapy.

Blended help

Selfhelp tools will empower the client: in combination with your regular offering, they will intensify the growth and consolidate change. We have the ambition to offer a wide range of instruments such as diaries, guided exercises, instructions, informative texts, demonstration videos, chat boxes, questionnaires, ... that clients can use autonomously. In combination with face-to-face therapy sessions, they can intensify growth and change. 


"QIT online helps me to keep my finger on the pulse with regard to the symptoms of the client. Added value for the therapy!"


Meet the team

Claude Missiaen

Training and development

Master clinical psychology 

Client-centered, existential and focusing oriented psychotherapist

Dr. Nele Stinckens

Founder and daily management

Doctor in Psychology (PhD)

Client-centered and Emotion

Focused psychotherapist

Egwin Avau

Technical lead

Master in Business Information Systems engineering, focused on web development

Contact us
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Tel: +32 0473 11 16 74

Koning Albertlaan 104, 3010 Kessel-Lo, Leuven, Belgium

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