Comprehensive client file

QIT online is an all-in-one solution that meets the needs the caretaker has in everyday practice . No additional application is required for keeping an Electronic Patient File  System. QIT online contains a comprehensive file in which relevant contact and care information, intake and process diagnostics and client feedback can be easily kept and updated.

An overview page shows the most necessary information that you want to have immediately at hand: the therapy process that is visually represented by a trajectory bar, your recent notes and an overview of the questionnaires, reports and documents. More detailed information is easily accessible by clicking the subfiles.

Inside a patient's digital file you have...

Contact and care information

At the start of a process, the client is invited to create his own profile based on relevant personal and care information. The client's answers are automatically stored in your digital filing cabinet, so that manual introduction by you as caretaker is not necessary. 

The client file can gradually be supplemented with useful information regarding the care process: intake and process diagnostics, session notes, client feedback, incoming and outgoing communication, ...

Treatment affiliates and family members

For some cases, it is quite useful to include other individuals, who are connected to the client (e.g. parents, brother, sister, partner, etc.). They can play active roles and be involved in giving feedback to the caretaker, as with 'Treatment affiliates', or passive, as with 'Family members', whose contact information will be kept in case further communication is necessary.


Share and transfer clients with 1 click

For one reason or another, you might need to share or transfer a client with or to another therapist. In an analog setting, this would probably involve some copies being made, perhaps even emails being sent and some folders being exchanged. In QIT, this is made possible with the click of a button and is covered by the security and data encryption measures embedded in the platform, so that you are sure that client information is transferred not only with accuracy, but with the highest level of security as well.