Digital filing cabinet

As the digital equivalent of all of a therapist's filing cabinet, Electronic Client Files are collected and summarized to visualize your practice once you log in into QIT online. Immediately visible are your active clients, but also accessible is your complete list of clients. And since QIT online is also designed for organizations, the organization view allows a manager of an organization to have an overview of all clients being treated by the organization and their corresponding caretakers. Since QIT online is a web application, you can access your files via all possible devices with an internet connection.


Searching in your digital filing cabinet and keeping it manageable, that is up to the technology: as with most digital solutions, one of the most straightforward benefits of QIT online is providing effortless navigability. Convenient filtering and search functions are available to easily find an individual client file.

List overview

A list overview is available for a more concise overview of both the active and ended trajectories and files, 

The overview list is organized according to some important parameters, such as start and end of the treatment process, number of sessions, ...

Adding a patient

Adding a client to the system is also very simple and straightforward. Just click 'Add client' from the main screen and enter the client's name and email (further information can be added later on) and you have successfully created a new EPD. 

Synchronized information system

Once an electronic file is created for the client, he/she gets access to the client platform of QIT online, where he/she can fill in the rest of the fields to complete the profile. This is automatically synched with the therapist's file for easy and accurate maintenance of information.