Electronic Health Records

Go digital and paperless with all your patient documents and files in a comprehensive Electronic Health Record system - clearly arranged, easily searchable, elegantly laid out, broadly accessible and 100% secure.

Data sharing in function of better and transparent care: this is also possible in QIT online. Treatment processes can be shared with other caretakers and clients have secure access to their personal electronic file.

As the digital equivalent of a therapist's filing cabinet, Electronic files are collected and summarized to visualize your practice once you log in into QIT online. Immediately visible are your active clients, but also accessible is your complete list of clients. And since QIT online is also designed for organizations, the organization view allows a manager of an organization to have an overview of all clients being treated by the organization and their corresponding caretakers. Since QIT online is a web application, you can access your files via all possible devices with an internet connection.

All necessary contact and care information all in one place — easy to fill out and update, securely stored 'in the cloud' and easy to share with the client and other healthcare providers involved. Relevant contact and care information, intake and process diagnostics and client feedback can be easily kept and updated.

An overview page shows the most necessary information that you want to have immediately at hand: the therapy process that is visually represented by a trajectory bar, your recent notes and an overview of the questionnaires, reports and documents. More detailed information is easily accessible by clicking the subfiles.

With heightening standards on personal information security, there is an increasing need for a channel for therapists to communicate with clients aside from e-mail. QIT online offers its solution with 'Templates', 'Documents' and 'Uploads'. These features make it possible to create standard documents for clients & caretakers, share these with clients and forward them to other participating therapists online.

On the receiving end of most communication described above is the client and his/her treatment affiliates. Through the client platform they can view and download sent/shared documents and uploads. There is also the possibiliy to share generated reports with the client. 

How the EHR system helps therapists with their activities

"My administration and client records used to be all over the place. With the use of the electronic health record system from QIT online, I achieve a significant time reduction, and a better overall structure on top."