Electronic Patient File

Go digital and paperless with all your patient documents and files in a comprehensive Elektronic Patient File system - clearly arranged, easily searchable, elegantly laid out, broadly accessible and 100% secure.

Data sharing in function of better and transparent care: this is also possible in QIT online. Treatment processes can be shared with other caretakers and clients have secure access to their personal electronic file.

All necessary contact and care information all in one place — easily to fill out and update, securely stored 'in the cloud' and easy to share with the client and other healthcare providers involved.

Get an overview of your practice when you enter QIT online. The digitally enhanced equivalent of your filing cabinet is always available. No more hassle with paper files. In one click you have access to your entire client file. And thanks to the search and filter function, your file cabinet is easily manageable.

As privacy standards for client-therapist communication have restricted the use of e-mail, QIT Documents provides an alternative as a secure channel to handle incoming and outgoing communication with your clients and other caretakers.

Therapists are already seeing the positive impacts of the QIT online system. 

"My experiences are very positive...it helps me to work a bit more goal-oriented and to coordinate this with the client. In addition, I notice that clients themselves reflect more on their process and deal with it more directly, "