Incoming & outgoing communication

With hightening standards on personal information security, there is an increasing need for a channel for therapists to communicate with clients outside of e-mail. QIT online offers its solution with 'Templates', 'Documents' and 'Uploads'. These features make it possible to create standard documents for clients & caretakers, share these with clients and forward them to other participating therapists online. 


Continuing with the analogy of the digital filing cabinet, Templates are the collection of standard documents or forms, available for therapists to use with different clients. These are all blank before usage. This is useful for standard and frequently used forms (such as invoices, payment receipts, certificates etc.), and can be easily personalized and edited to include your own logo. Entirely new templates can be created and existing ones can be opened, edited, duplicated, downloaded and, of course, deleted.

Create template

Edit template

Duplicate template

Outgoing communication


Starting from a template you can easily create a document: it is a filled out template attached to a specific client and client file. This document can be sent or shared directly with your client and other persons involved in treatment.


In addition to creating new documents based on a wide range of templates, existing documentation from your personal archive can be uploaded. Letters, reports, mails, literature, ... can easily be linked to your client's digital file and shared upon request.

Incoming communication

On the receiving end of most communication discussed above is the client and his/her treatment affiliates. Through the client platform, they can view and download sent/shared documents and uploads. There is also the possibiliy to share generated reports with the client. 

In some cases where therapists also need some documents from a client, clients can also upload documents onto the system and choose to share it with his/her therapist.