Session notes

Through QIT, care providers can also keep track of post-session notes of relevant, substantive, relational and process-related themes per client process. These entries are typed in per session, but are also automatically merged into a summary report that can be downloaded and printed.

Locked and unlocked notes

In Qit, notes are classified under different categories such as process, personal refelctions -- both locked -- content, and attention points -- unlocked.

Notice, however, that there are lock symbols beside each category. These are used to signify the confidentiality of these notes, especially in case of sharing and/or transferring a patient.

Locked notes include those under the category 'Process' and 'Personal reflections'. These types of notes will not be carried over when a patient is shared or transferred.

Unlocked notes are those fallng under 'Content' and 'Attention points'. These notes will be forwarded when a patient is shared or transferred.