Parents online


In collaboration with CGG Ahasverus and with a project subsidy  from Flanders' Care (Department of Welfare, Public Health and Family) an online intervention program was developed last year to support parents with a child / young person with psychological and / or psychiatric problems. This program was named 'Parents Online'.


The tool is largely based on the Emotion-Focused Family Therapy model from Dolhanty & Lafrance ( and can be offered before, during or after a treatment process.

Parents are guided through 5 subsequent steps to help them cope better with difficult emotions of their child:

Step 1: Notice emotions

Step 2: Identify emotions

Step 3; Recognize emotions

Step 4: Meeting needs

Step 5: Working together on a solution

An illustrative video is shown for each step and parents are offered exercises that they first perform in theory and then in practice.

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