Reports generation is also pre-programmed for each questionnaire so that once patients submit their answers, the therapist can download a summary of the patient's results.

In order to seamlessly align the monitoring with daily clinical practice ('blended therapy'), the online patient answers are automatically processed in a well-organized feedback report. This is immediately available for care providers and gives them the necessary information at a glance about crucial evolutions and important points for attention.

The patient answers are also available (in unprocessed form) for emergency services in an excel database. A data export can automatically be generated for each patient, which can easily be exported to other statistical processing programs (such as SPSS).

Viewing reports

The option to view a report can be found by going to a patient's EPD, and then clickng to see more details on his/her trajectory. Under the heading 'Reports', answered questionnaires will be listed, and under each questionnaire are buttons to view the patient's answers, view the generated report and download the answered questionnaire on excel. 

Individual reports

Reports are customized to individual questionnaire types, where a patient's answers and scores are processed and compared to norms to give an indication of their progress. Different visual tools are also provided in order to make the patient's status instantly recognizable for therapists.

Overview reports

Scores for a particular questionnaire across a therapist's group of  patients can also be aggregated and summarized into a general report in case a therapist would like to know the general standing of his/her patients who answered a certain questionnaire. 

This functionality is frequently used for research and policy purposes: cross-case analyses make it possible to gain more insight into important quality indicators, such as patient satisfaction, outcome variation, change processes and influencing factors.