Standard trajectories

QIT online provides various, ready-to-use, standard trajectories or sets of sessions for specific clinical settings and target groups. These can be created for a client and then subsequently customized. These trajectories consist of sequences of process and effect measurements in which clinical relevance, user-friendliness and scientificity are accurately balanced. They are the preliminary results of years of research and continuous exchange with the most important stakeholders (clients and caretakers) in clinical practice.

Standard trajectory structure

The standard trajectory applications have the same generic structure: they gather feedback about the common effective factors in any treatment. Quantitative feedback (including scores) and  qualitative feedback (including free answers) are combined to gain a rich insight into the care process. Content, design and functionality of these applications are adjusted in function to the specific target group and clinical setting. Adjustments can be made manually by the caretaker involved, by omitting or adding questionnaires and by varying the frequency of sending them out. 


Although standard trajectories automatically insert a sequence of sessions and questionnaires into a patient's treatment plan, QIT online has the necessary functionality to adapt the online tool to suit the particular circumstances or difficulties of the client and the specific clinical context. Adjustments can be made manually by the care provider involved by omitting or adding questionnaires and/or by varying the purchase frequency.