As with any new tool and change initiative, adjustment takes time and necessitates support. At QIT, we have put together a host of materials and organized a support team to ensure customers' smooth transition to digital and feedback-informed treatment. Learn how to implement QIT online through our online support materials, webinars and even a phased training QIT organizes for teams. 

From online video tutorials to the traditional brochure, QIT has prepared a host of different resources therapists can draw from. You can also find short demo videos, instruction and implementation videos if you click on the link below.

If you would prefer a more interactive but at the same time convenient mode of learning, our webinars might be for you. Click the link below and sign up for one of our QIT webinars.

For small groups or organizations who would like to organize a training for their teams, click the link below and send us an inquiry, so that we can arrange something with your group privately.