As with any new tool and change initiative, adjustment takes time and necessitates support. At QIT, we have put together a host of materials and organized a support team to ensure customers' smooth transition to digital and feedback-informed treatment. Learn how to implement QIT online through our online support materials, webinars and even a phased training QIT organizes for teams. 

Online Support Materials

QIT online is very easy to use. To guide you through the web application, we have a various range of online support tools.

General demo video

The video shows you in a nutshell how QIT online can assist and support  your daily mental health care activities.​

Implementation videos

To get an idea of ​​how QIT can be integrated online in clinical practice, a series of videos are available that illustrate typical therapy situations: How do you introduce a feedback-oriented methodology? How do you motivate clients to give honest feedback? How can you use negative feedback in a constructive way? How do you deal with a threatening alliance breach?


Learn how to implement QIT online and feedback-informed Treatment

Get acquainted with QIT online via a free webinar!

A webinar is a seminar that you follow via your own computer at home or at work. It is the ideal way to get to know the possibilities of QIT online in a simple and concise way. Using demonstration materials, it will be clarified how working with client feedback can be a natural part of the concrete aid offer, how it can help to broaden the therapeutic view and how the threatening alliance cracking can help bring attention to it. Finally, there is room for questions or comments from the various participants.

Trainer: Claude Missiaen

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Training for teams

Especially for teams we have developed a phased training offer. Through a number of successive training modules 'at home' we support the successful implementation of a feedback-oriented therapy culture. In addition to trying out a new methodology, the challenge for care providers is also to continue the engagement: to optimize the quality of their work and to allow their clients to fully participate. For this reason, we offer both introductory and follow-up modules. For inquiries, please fill up the contact form below.

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