The individual trajectory of a client shows you a chronological overview of the successive sessions. In addition to the start of the process, the data of the different sessions is displayed. The online feedback that is collected in the course of the process is also linked to this process: the sequence of questionnaires planned for the client, the client's answers to these questionnaires and the feedback reports that are generated automatically. The feedback about the most recent session is immediately accessible, previous feedback is available by clicking on the past sessions.

QIT online provides various, ready-to-use, standard trajectories that are tailored to specific clinical settings and target groups. These standard processes consist of specific sequences of process and effect measurements in which clinical relevance, user-friendliness and scientificity are accurately balanced.

They can be adjusted to an individual client process by adding, moving or omitting certain questionnaires.

At the organizational level, it is also possible to develop your own processes whereby the sequence and selection of questionnaires is programmed in collaboration with our developers team.

For clients who may, for one reason or another, finish a treatment, but need to start another one following that, a whole new file does not need to be created. Instead, simply add a new trajectory. Information about ended trajectories will be visible when an new active trajectory is created for the therapist's reference.